I am thankful for her being a part of my life. My kindergarten arts teacher.
She sowed the seeds of the beauty of arts in my heart.
But she was a part of my journey only for a year . Having had to move to a different state I missed her deeply.

Coming to a new place with a new language I shrunk back. I didn’t understand a bit going on around. But this little seed that she sowed kept growing. I’m not bragging that I’m a great artist. That I am not. But I kept learning slowly and slowly the beauty of art.

As I was thinking about art it dawned to me that this teacher whom I’ve never met thereafter was the one who instilled in me the desire for arts.
And it did not come to fruition immediately.
It took it’s time.
It unfolded slowly.
The colours mixed slowly.
The combinations, the texture came with time.
It all took time. In fact I’m still learning a lot more.
A slow but yet a positive progress.

It’s true to various aspects of our lives.
The seeds of various things that are sown by various people in different stages of our life are watered by others, pruned by yet others and harvested by someone else.Rarely it’s all done by one.

What is the important fact here?
The fact that anything that is sown takes time to grow.
It doesn’t become a tree with many fruits the following morning.
It takes it’s time.
It undergoes an organic growth.
In time it becomes a beauty with great branches and numerous fruits. But  that doesn’t occur in a day.

How often we are frustrated that some good that God has sown in our hearts haven’t yet beared fruit.
We forget that it takes it’s time.

God is the perfect gardener of our soul. He tills the soil of our heart.
Sows the seed of the Word of God. Waters it with love.
Prunes it with discipline.
He allows it to grow organically.
He doesn’t rush things.
He takes His time.
He’s not worried about the time taken. Rather He’s more concerned about the quality of the fruit that it bears.
He doesn’t mind waiting to nourish it so that it may bear fruit that lasts, fruits that satisfies the hunger of needy souls.
He allows the process.

But our impatient selves want everything in an instant.
We wish the seeds sown in our soul to bear fruit the very next day.
The same with the little seeds that we sow in others lives.
We just wish to see the fruit immediately.
But that’s not the nature of growth.
It takes time.

Give it time.
Allow it to be watered.
Allow it to be pruned.
So that one fine day when the fruits are ready to be harvested the Divine Gardener will rejoice at the quality of the fruit that He allowed to grow in our souls irrespective of the time it took.

Be patient with everyone, but above all with yourself.
—St. Francis de sales

“Thus says the Lord of hosts: Return to me” Zechariah 1:3

To hand over our heart that it maybe tilled and sown with seeds of His choice.
Let the Divine Gardener work on you.

Trust the process.
Let it grow.

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